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When deciding on investing in a conservatory for your home we can help take you through everything from the design right through to installation

We manufacture all of our Conservatories and all of our products are made-to measure so we can design, manufacture and install the conservatory to fit your home and needs.

If you are looking to create extra space for your family our beautiful range of conservatories can deliver not only the extra living area you need, but also an extra secure and warm room that's fitted with double draught-resistant seals, that helps to reduce outside noise levels and are guaranteed for ten years.

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The Edwardian conservatory is characterised by its square or rectangular footprint, with a high pointed roof to give your living space the illusion of extra space. 

Edwardian conservatory features blend perfectly with both new and old properties with it's simple and elegant look offering optimum floor space.

gable end

The Gable End Conservatory offers the traditional elements of the gable end roof extending right through to the end of the conservatory and the front elevation adding a large amount of light into your new living area. With it's traditional rectangular shape the gable end conservatory is able to accommodate more furniture, making it a very useful addition to your home.

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Classic in design the Victorian Conservatory provides a versatile living space for your home. The Victorian conservatory bays allow for a fantastic panoramic view of your garden.

One of the most popular conservatory styles, the Victorian Conservatory is suitable for the majority of modern and traditional homes and are built to your individual requirements.


The Georgian Conservatory has been a firm favourite when choosing a conservatory for your home, the shape of the Georgian conservatory offers excellent use of space due to  the traditional square design.

Whether you need the extra living space for  a dining room, play room, garden room or just some additional ‘general’ living space, the Georgian conservatory is a superb choice. 

roofing options

solid roofing

Solid lightweight roofs help control the room temperature of your conservatory, first by reducing unwanted heat gain in summer, and second by reducing unwanted heat loss in the winter. Lightweight roofs maintain the temperature no matter what season making it more of a pleasant environment all year round in your conservatory.


The polycarbonate roofs unique design is extra light and provides a high level of thermal insulation. You choose from a range of colours for your new polycarbonate roof. All of our polycarbonate roofs that we fit meet the new polycarbonate roofing u-values set by Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and maximum, U-Values are set out during the design process of the building.  


Home Enhancing Plastics are able to offer a wide range of finishing touches for your new conservatory including whitegrain, classic cream, woodgrain effect and more.